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Two Magic Words: “Presented by…”


SkyKingPubPhotoRemember those Saturday morning TV adventure series – The Lone Ranger, Spin and Marty, and of course, Sky King? I have vivid memories of those episodes, and they shaped my view of life, adventure and indeed, flying. Half a century later I can instantly recall the cereal brand that brought Sky, Penny, the ‘Songbird’ and the ‘Flying Crown’ ranch to my black-and-white TV screen every weekend. Can you? [Thanks to YouTube, you don’t have to be a baby boomer to know the answer.]

In a way, the Web lets us to “return to those thrilling days of yesteryear.” Sponsors make content possible, including the eMagazine you’re reading. Generous support from our benefactors at Jeppesen, Lightspeed Aviation, Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Starr Companies, among others, allows SAFE to bring this product to you. And to help SAFE grow and spread the word about the benefits of aviation education at all levels.

We hope that this exposure will be a boost for our sponsors’ bottom line, but the real truth is that they look at the financial aspect as secondary. All our sponsors understand that SAFE affords value to the future of general aviation, and that’s why they are on board. In the long run, it benefits them, as it does all of us. But the motivation comes from a sincere passion to see general aviation not only survive, but flourish.

In coming issues, we will include stories from our sponsors on how their products and services help SAFE members fulfill their missions and enhance their careers. And please remember that when you meet someone from one of these generous companies, tell them, “Thank you” for helping us get this project off the ground. It’s their support that made it happen.


Mark Phelps, Editor






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