SAFE Lifetime Membership

A new level of SAFE membership, Lifetime, was recently added to the organization’s three existing membership options. With an age-based pricing structure, the Lifetime membership provides current and potential members a way to support SAFE over the long term.

Lifetime membership in SAFE provides members one way to support the organization. Jim Casper was among the first SAFE members to upgrade to Lifetime membership. “I became a lifetime member because SAFE is the best advocate for instructors; it seemed like a cost effective way to be connected to SAFE,” Jim explains. Do aviation instructors need an advocate in Washington and elsewhere? Jim thinks so and that is why he upgraded his SAFE membership.

There are six levels of Lifetime Membership based on a member’s age.

Age Membership Fee
25 – 34 $1,000
35 – 44 $850
45 – 54 $700
55 – 64 $550
65 and over $400


Another SAFE member who upgraded in the first days of the program, Karen Kahn, shared her reason for upgrading. “I elected to become a Lifetime SAFE Member to help continue the safety culture that the organization’s name embodies and implies,” she said. SAFE is our name and it is our mission as well. Much of what we do in our day-to-day program work is focused on increasing aviation safety. Karen is helping us reach that goal, and you can too.

A lifetime membership in SAFE is a commitment, a validation of your belief in your organization; it provides resources that will move SAFE closer to its goals. Please consider upgrading to a Lifetime Membership. Remember too that we are a 501(c)3 organization and some or all of your membership may be deductible. Check with your tax advisor. Upgrade to the Lifetime Membership here.

As stated earlier, there are three other levels of SAFE membership; Associate, Regular, and Supporting. A brief review may prove to be beneficial. The Associate Membership can be considered an introductory level of SAFE membership. This option is perfect for the aviation instructor who is still in school, or a non-CFI instructor who is just beginning his or her career. Associate members do not receive the free subscription to Flying magazine, they are unable to participate in the CFI liability insurance program, nor are they eligible to vote in the organization’s elections.

The Regular membership is the membership option most SAFE members choose. Regular members receive all the benefits of SAFE membership – networking and mentoring opportunities, access to the online Resource Center and Member Forum, employment promotion opportunities, a comprehensive insurance program, subscription to Flying magazine, and discounts provided by 20 SAFE corporate partners.

The Supporting Membership, based on the Regular Membership, includes four levels of financial support.

Level Membership Fee Recognition
Bronze $100 SAFE hat, Appreciation Certificate
Silver $250 SAFE shirt, Appreciation Certificate
Gold $750 SAFE hat, shirt, Appreciation Certificate
Platinum $1,000 SAFE hat, shirt, Appreciation Plaque


No matter what level of SAFE membership you choose, you’ll have representation on various industry committees involved with all facets of aviation education. You’ll know you are a member of an organization that supports all levels of aviation educators – flight and ground instructors, K-12 teachers, community college instructors, and college professors.

SAFE is a membership organization. We depend on member support, both financial and sharing of time and talent. The success of the many efforts we undertake is dependent on your donations and those of our generous sponsors. Thank you for your continued membership. Consider upgrading your membership to a Supporting Member, or better yet, a Lifetime Membership.

Recognizing SAFE Lifetime Members
SAFE salutes the following individuals who have upgraded their membership to Lifetime. Your commitment to the organization, its mission, and its values are to be commended. Thank you for your contributions to our organization.

Lifetime Members (from program inception to July 1, 2015)

Jim Casper                                                                  Michael Phillips
JoAnn K. Hill                                                             Sherry Rossiter
G. Alexander “Sandy” Hill                                         Steve Rossiter
Christopher Hope                                                       David St. George
Karen Kahn                                                                 General Ron Stafford
Dale Machalleck                                                         Rich Stowell
John G. Morrow                                                         Jeanne Willerth
John Newell                                                                Bill Ziesenitz
William S. O’Brien

Read more about these Lifetime Members of SAFE here.


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