SAFE Saves You Money:


Dear Editor:
I joined the SAFE organization three years ago but had not taken advantage of the special savings offered by SAFE as member benefits until recently.
I use the ForeFlight app on my iPad for VFR and IFR navigation and weather. When I renewed my subscription in April, I saved 33% off the cost of my renewal. With that savings, I moved up to the Pro version of ForeFlight for just a few dollars more than the regular app. The savings was greater than the cost of my annual SAFE membership.

Recently I renewed my CFI liability insurance and got quotes from two different agencies. I was able to save 25% off the cost of my former insurance policy with identical coverage by using the discount offered by Aviation Insurance Resources to SAFE members. It is worth checking out.


Linda Langrill, CFII
Midland, Michigan
SAFE Member
2013 FAA General Aviation Flight Instructor of the Year,
Great Lakes Region



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