Executive Director Report

John Dorcey_bylineSAFE was founded on the concept that our membership should be involved in the decision making process. SAFE by-laws were written to ensure that members would have a voice not only in the governance of the organization but its operation as well. Participatory citizenship, the member side of the equation, is required for success of the concept. When more SAFE members practice participatory citizenship, or participatory membership, the organization operates at a higher level, with greater success.

The approaching board elections provide all SAFE members their most important opportunity for action as a participatory member – the act of voting. Your vote to elect three board members will have a direct impact on the organization’s leadership for the next three years. These are important times for SAFE. We are in the midst of a search for our next Executive Director. We are expanding our programs. Membership numbers continue to grow. Your participation, your vote, will help guide SAFE to continued success.

Serving as a SAFE Ambassador is another great way to practice participatory membership in SAFE. Attend a local aviation event. Approach flight instructors you know, or other aviation educators, and talk with them about SAFE. Simply share the programs, the mission, and the benefits of belonging to SAFE. This outreach effort began in January and is already paying dividends. Contact JoAnn Hill at Masterinstrs@aol.com or 303-709-6008 to obtain a SAFE Ambassador toolkit. Members serving as Ambassadors will be entered into a drawing for a top-line aviation headset to be given away on July 23, 2015.

Of course there are other ways to practice participatory membership. Serving on any of our 10 committees is one way. Becoming a SAFE advocate is another. During discussions with other aviation educators, tell of your SAFE membership and its many benefits. A grassroots organization thrives on face-to-face contacts. SAFE will only grow and succeed through your participation. Practice participatory citizenship. Become an active, participating member in SAFE, the rewards are many.

Some SAFE members will join board members and me staffing the SAFE exhibit (NE-006) at Sun ’n Fun 2015. I encourage all aviation educators to stop by our exhibit. I look forward to our meeting and discussing SAFE and your participation in our organization.

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