Editor’s Notes

Editor NotesI’m hoping you’re enjoying SAFE, the magazine. It’s been my pleasure and privilege to bring it to you. Now, how about bringing something for our future issues to me?

I doubt there’s a single SAFE member who doesn’t have something significant to share with the group. Maybe it’s an opinion about upcoming legislation or policy. Maybe you’ve discovered a new technique for using simulators more effectively. Maybe you recall a student who taught you something about teaching that you continue to rely on to this day.

We’d love to hear from you. If you’re up to channeling your own inner Hemmingway, give it a shot. I’m more than happy to offer my input and guidance based on a few decades of processing material from a lot of non-professional writers. As far as I know, my suggestions caused no measurable injury over that time; and I have actually had a few of my “customers” go out of their way to thank me for the advice. You could also re-purpose another article or paper you may have written for someone else, as long as they have no issue with re-using the material. We can give credit to the original publisher.

And if the thought of laying word onto screen sends shivers up your spine, consider contacting me anyway with what’s on your mind. In a phone call or two, we can assemble your thoughts in an “as told to” format that won’t hurt a bit. I promise. You might even enjoy it.

If any of this appeals to you, I’m shooting for mid-March as a deadline for the next issue, which is scheduled for publication in mid-April. Drop me a line at MDPiii@hotmail.com.

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