Chair’s Corner

Donna headshot_bylineWith this issue of SAFE-The Magazine, SAFE is rolling out a new Vision and Mission statement that better reflect where we are today and where we are going.

The founders of SAFE envisioned an organization that would make aviation a safer environment through support and promotion of aviation educators with excellent products, and programs. The old vision statement was an accurate statement at the time, but it doesn’t express SAFE’s broad vision for the future. Our updated vision is so much more than when SAFE started. Today, SAFE is involved with multiple excellent programs, and there are more in the pipeline, as well as other ways to promote aviation education. This is reflected in the new vision statement –  “Promoting Excellence in Aviation Education”. 

Like the vision, SAFE’s mission has matured since the organization was founded.

Today, SAFE’s work to create a safer aviation environment can be grouped into four areas: supporting educators; professionalism; representing our members; and promoting aviation education. The current Board of Directors believe that the new mission statement better highlights these four areas, and how SAFE is positioned for the future. The new mission statement is

The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) works to create a safer aviation environment by

  • Supporting aviation educators with mentoring opportunities, educational resources, and other benefits
  • Inspiring professionalism through promotion and recognition of excellence and enhanced education
  • Representing aviation educators through interaction with the aviation industry and government
  • Promoting learning in all areas of aviation for everyone at every level

As SAFE grows, the New Vison and Mission Statements will help the board focus on what is really important, help our members see the purpose in participating in SAFE, and help our sponsors know what they are supporting with their contributions.

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